Spraying Mass and Machine for Tundish Spraying  
Here are some of the ways you ‘ll benefit with


  • Faster tundish turn-round times
  • No rebound
  • Increased life of safety lining
  • High Level of insulation
  • Improved deskulling
  • Increased tundish capacity
  • Reduced hydrogen pick-up
  • Contoured lining thickness for even longer sequence casting
  • Suitable for both HOT and COLD practice
  • Monocon tundish spray machine
  • Range of compositions to suit every requirement

Product and application

MONOLITE is a sprayed, lightweight magnesia based coating which protects the permanent lining of continuous casting tundishes. Since MONOLITE is sprayed – not gunned – rebound loss is eliminated. After drying, MONOLITE gives good mechanical resistance and high insulation values together with excellent erosion resistance and deskulling properties. The composition of MONOLITE also provides reduced hydrogen pick-up in “first off” cast sections MONOLITE is equally suited to both hot and cold tundish practice.

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