As a result of Monocon becoming part of the IFGL Refractories group based in Calcutta India they are now in a position to offer a complete package in most of the processes where they are involved. In particular in the Tundish and Ladle maintenance areas where as well as the conventional Monocon products other complementary items such as tundish furniture and flow control products from the IFGL range can be supplied. Electric Arc Furnace and BOF Vessel maintenance are another example were Monocon can also supplement existing products and services with other items such as tapholes for the furnaces.

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The growing demand for Monocon products from all over the world has been met with vigorous sales and marketing activity that has already earned the company the highly coveted Queens Award for Export Achievement. Exports are vital to the continued success of the company and Monocon works closely with selected partners throughout the world.

Technological advances such as automation of product application to improve quality, reliability and safety are the result of a continuous research and development programme carried out at a dedicated facility located at company headquarters.

Here highly skilled engineers provide experience and expertise in the field as well as being engaged in the development and testing of the new products and techniques that have helped to make the name Monocon synonymous with high quality steelmaking technology.


Research, development and the introduction of new products are all functions that are carried out under strictly controlled conditions. This is one way in which quality can be maintained so that Monocon manufacturing processes continue to meet and surpass the international quality standard ISO9002. In addition to this, the company employs Statistical Process Control techniques to identify and control variations in production, at source.

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